Second opinionDeltaTopTalent

It has been asked what would be the worst thing that could happen if the
candidate who will hire FRACASA in the position?

Is your professional prestige involved? Probably yes. In addition, they can put at risk the area’s plans, the continuity of the company, the image with customers, and the morale of other employees.

What is the hurry?

We give you a second opinion based on the highest technology tools and thanks to several studies that DeltaTopTalent has done over time and in conjunction with satisfied customers, we know that our services pay off in a very short time.

A third opinion based on references taken in depth and in a professional manner, all thanks to the experience that Lumina has given us thanks to the results they have given us during the implementation of our services in hundreds of companies.

And a fourth opinion based on an in-depth interview conducted by one of our Senior Consultants and applying an interview methodology from Lumina Learning, which has shown an incredible amount of positive results in the companies that have been implemented.

Of course, we will never be 100% sure of hiring an executive. But it is always more advisable to have several sources of information BEFORE taking a risk as high as hiring an executive for a key position within the organization. That these decisions do not take away your sleep.