Our advantageDeltaTopTalent

MissionContribute to INCREASE the PROFITABILITY of our clients by improving the talent, synergy and harmony of their organizations.

  • Attracting the best talent available to your organization through recruiting, evaluating and selecting in depth.
  • Helping your executives to perfect their personnel selection skills.
  • Developing managerial and managerial skills to improve productivity, increase commitment and decrease the desertion of the most capable.
  • Detonate the synergy of your work teams through diagnosing and proposing practical and productive changes.
  • Helping to distinguish Top Talent in their work teams to shield and develop them.


To be integral business partners of our clients in the topic that most impacts the results of their companies:



  • We work with passion to satisfy our customers, collaborators and shareholders.
  • We are committed to our word, and with honesty in general 100%
  • We work as a team
  • We believe in the balance of life and work
  • We seek continuous productive innovation
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Depth in the selection

The interview only helps to know the candidates in a maximum of 25%. How is it possible that the big selection firms only base their judgment in an interview? For us, the interview is a Fundamental Basis to know the candidate and his potential. But we would not be honest with our clients if we did not complement the information of the interviews through the tools of personality, values, possible derailers, intelligence, decision-making capacity and teamwork that help us to know more deeply our candidates.


Depth in recruitment

We are not satisfied with presenting what we have in our Database. Our commitment is not only to fill a vacancy; is to find the most capable person to meet the challenges of the position and that same person merges with the culture of the organization without any problem.

Depth in the understanding of needs

From the understanding of the profile we use avant-garde tools to technically frame the needs of each search. In such a way that the misunderstandings that so much time and money cost when delivering inadequate candidates at the end of the process are avoided at all costs.