Individual checkup

Before hiring or promoting that person … we give you a second, a third and a fourth opinion.

  • The decisions of hiring and promotion are of high impact … the plans of the area, the continuity of the company, the image with the clients, and the moral of other employees can be put at risk.
  • What is the hurry? We give you a second opinion based on tools of the highest technology, a third opinion based on references taken in depth and in a professional manner.
  • A fourth opinion based on an in-depth interview conducted by one of our senior consultants and applying a cutting-edge methodology.

Organizational culture

Through our intervention, organizations will be able to know their strengths and weaknesses by comparing them with a global database.

  • 360º evaluation
  • Engagement

The engagement of a team is the greatest indicator of success or failure, and its leader is the most direct influence to achieve it

Team checkup


  • Contribute to identify the restrictions that prevent the team from doing synergy.
  • Present proposals for change that can contribute to improve relations between members and benefit opportunities for greater productivity and business.

Evaluation of personal abilities

The improvement of performance has to do with the knowledge and development of skills and behaviors that are reflected in business results.

Through our solutions we can help you identify:

  • Inadequate behaviors that can hinder personal development.
  • Motivators that are reflected in their behavior.
  • Performance according to the competencies of the position.
  • Effectiveness in making decisions.
  • Emotional Intelligence of the leaders.